2006 Birthday party exhibit.

Birthday party Lego exhibit

It all started many years ago, even before 2007 , when a young Dutch boy always created Lego displays to show to his parents. Later during his late teens he decided to store his collection and focus on studying.  Just when he was finished studing he got the opportunity to come to the  USA. There he stayed.
Many years later when his son became interested in building with Lego the father decided to bring his own Lego collection to the USA.  Then in 2007 he created his first USA display for his daughters birthday party.


2006/2007 First small local exhibit.

Lego Home exhibit 06/07 a

This exhibit was very popular to all the members of the church, young & old.


2007/2008 First public exhibit.

The Daily Review Lego exhibit article

Due to popularity, an other exhibit was created the year after. This time it was decided to invite the public. Two reporters from the "San Leandro Times" and the "The Daily Review" stopped by and published an article about the new exhibit. Many People came. Unfortunately a lot of people had to stand in line, because the room was a little bit too small to handle the crowd.


2009 Lego show.

Lego Brickshow 2009

It took about 18 months for the next bigger show. This time more room to walk & more models on display. More models because more people were involved. Members of the "Bay Area Lego Users Group" (BayLUG) helped out to show their own creations. They call them sometimes MOC's (My Own Creation).
This time more media were contacted and resulted in bigger attendance. 2009 Lego show
Added was an area where kids, young & old, could build with the popular bricks.
For those who had a desire to purchase Lego, there was an opportunity to do so.


The Brickshow 2010 presented by PlayBuildingBricks.

2010 was the year, a website "www.playbuildingbricks.com" was created to give info about the new "Brickshow 2010".
Check out a video from this show:

lego brickshow youtube

Brickshow 2010 Christmas edition.

Lego brickshow 2010 Christmas

A winter wonder land in the Bay Area.
Two brickshows in one year, Yeah!
Some disappointments because it was a lot smaller but still fun for many people!


Brickshow 2011 Christmas edition.

Lego brickshow 2011 Christmas

Unfortunately there was no Summer Brickshow in 2011. But at least there was a small Christmas display.


Alameda County Fairgrounds 2012.

Lego fairgrounds 2012

2012 was the 100th anniversary year of the Alameda County Fairground. As a celebration, PlayBuildingBricks set up a small display.


Brickshow 2012.

New in Brickshow 2012 were more activities. Lego Robotics & Games

Lego Brickshow 2012 star wars Lego Brickshow 2012 Lego Heartlake Lego Brickshow 2012 build your own Lego Brickshow 2012 overall

Brickshow 2014 Winter edition.

Finally after a two year break!

This exhibit was created to support the Principled Academy, 7th & 8th Grade Washington DC trip. Lego brickshow 2014 Winter 1 Lego brickshow 2014 Winter 2 Lego brickshow 2014 Winter 3


Brickshow 2015.

Back after 3 years! The big exhibit

Lego brickshow 2015 1 Lego brickshow 2015 3 Lego brickshow 2015 4 Lego brickshow 2015 2 Lego brickshow 2015 5 Lego brickshow 2015 6 Lego brickshow 2015 6